Trading Associates Guide

Introduction and rules

First of all, welcome to Trading Associates and thank you for checking our services. If you’re not our discord server, please click “Our Discord” on the top navigation menu.

Trading Associates started January 1, 2019 as a joint venture between traders of different backgrounds. Together, we have more than 15 years of experience combined trading Stocks, Forex and now Cryptocurrencies.

We take pride in having good discussions and insights regarding the different markets with the help of Technical Analysis and with a level of respect you don’t see in many places online.

The rules of the discord server are simple:

  • No disrespect whatsoever (On the first, you'll get muted, on the second you'll get banned)

  • Harassment through DMs

  • Act like an adult

  • No "when moon" conversations

  • Try to keep offtopic in the offtopic channels

  • If you think a coin is going to move, try to provide TA, even if you think it's lousy.
    No one will mock you, everyone will help.

  • Everything is educational and/or personal opinions, not financial advice.

  • There is plenty of info before joining and plenty of people to answer questions so make sure you want to join before joining. There are no trial periods.

Your goal here is to learn and apply. If you expect hand-holding it will only happen through 1on1s on the Mentorship service, so don't be afraid to join discussions about Technical Analysis on a public chat or just ask one of the TAs directly.

You can and you should ask questions. Send a direct message to Rocket, DrDanger or anyone with the Community Managers role.

Everyone makes mistakes and our transition from stocks/forex to crypto didn't start well. We were all grasping for knowledge, mainly about the market just as you are now.

You can also use the form on the frontpage (click and scroll to the bottom) and I'll receive an e-mail with those questions.

Bear or bull market, it doesn’t matter, we’re here to guide you through it.

What software do you need?

Discord - To communicate with us. The 1on1's are also done through discord with voice call and screensharing.

Trading View - To do your Technical Analysis and use the indicators. I'll go over adding our indicators on Trading View on the last section of these tutorials.

Consider donating to CryptoCharts - BTC: 17KYmfnqgr2ubMb97giQ4ha6BM8LzRhKHi

Don’t forget to add us on your twitter feed by checking out “Our Team” on the top navigation menu.