Trading Associates Guide

Where should you start if you want to trade?

First of all there’s a rule we follow that we think you should follow too:

“Market Knowledge > Chart Patterns > TradingView Indicators > TradingView Strategies“

This means that you shouldn’t trade a pair that you don’t know. You should know what you are trading, especially in more traditional markets. In these, you should choose 3 or 4 pairs and just consume information on them. Don’t have too much plays running at once.

After you have those habits set up, then yes go ahead and use patterns, fibs, PA and our indicators and strategies. There’s not one method that can be applied to everyone and make money, your goal here is to start with ours and then as you gain experience you’ll eventually perfect to a way you see fit to your style of trading.

There is also a psychological side that has a lot of weight when you trade and you’ll see that once you start trading with funds that represent a significant percentage of your total bank.

On materials, a side note: you’ll see material here from CryptoCred, he’s not a part of Trading Associates but his materials are great to learn traditional Technical Analysis, please consider donating to his address at 3E6v3g2qsKgn6JEznHjcCEQb2cTj4kWQ9A and promote his work.

Mandatory read

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets by John Murphy is a must read (we’ll know if you read it). Below you'll have a .pdf version, a .epub version and the cliff notes.

PDF Version

EPUB Version

Cliff Notes 

Also, consider buying the book: Amazon store.

I read this every two years, it's easy to go through it and it's packed with useful information. It's my(and many traders!) first recommendation. Read it everyday, even if it's just for 5 minutes, while you go through the rest of the materials.