Trading Associates has concluded two partnerships which allows every member to access an array of services to spend and trade their Bitcoin. Apart from the Crypto Mastercard, there is a Concierge Services which allows you to purchase the following services with cryptocurrencies.

If you’re a member, click here to access these offers and read more about them.

  • Cruise Tickets

  • Airline Tickets

  • Hotels Booking

  • Charter Services

    • Private Jets

    • Airliners

  • Real Estate Purchase/Rental

  • Vehicle Purchase/Rental

  • Yacht Purchase/Rental

  • Transfer Services

  • Image and Social Network advisory

  • Social Circle Events

  • Restaurant and clubs

  • Press Accessory

  • Travel and Events

  • Personal Shopper

  • Private Security

  • Relocation

  • Children Care

  • Corporate Events